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At ID FINANCE, we offer personalized accounting services
to clients in the tech vertical. With our expertise and tailored approach,
we cater to a diverse range of clients, providing unparalleled financial solutions
to meet their unique needs.

Some of our clients include

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Our office portfolio

With over a decade of experience in financial management, including taxation, accountancy, and providing comprehensive solutions for startups and emerging companies, we are experts in our field. Trust us to deliver the expertise and solutions you need to effectively manage your finances and drive success for your business.

CFO and Accountancy

Tax Consultation

Israeli and American Accountancy


At our company, we prioritize personal attention, involvement, and tailor-made solutions for our clients. We believe that every company is a dynamic entity with limitless possibilities. We also understand that success is achieved through collaboration and unwavering diligence. With our meticulous approach, we work tirelessly to help you realize your dreams and achieve your financial goals.

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About Us


Keti Ianko


My expertise is in financial management of international companies including providing accountancy services to startup companies which have associates in the USA. For emerging companies I assist in the setting up of financial infrastructure and managerial and financial work processes. For existing companies I offer process streamlining and reforms if deemed required. I prepare monthly financial reports and regularly audit the book keeping activity.  I also prepare reports for annual audits, tax assessment audits and deductibles audits. I work with investors, shareholders and entrepreneurs.  I acquired my expertise through running financial departments at international companies, and through working at EY CPA firm, where I worked with startup companies and public companies.  I hold a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Accountancy.  My credo is that the company's success is my success, and that personal care and personal treatment form the basis for companies' long term financial growth and financial thriving.


Dina Daniel

Taxation Consultant and Senior Bookkeeper

In the last decade I have been giving taxation consultation services such as representing clients in tax assessment hearings, deductibles auditing, ongoing bookkeeping and preparation of periodic reports of affiliated and associated companies. I have specific experience with high-tech, biomed and medical entities. I have experience in managing the payroll setup and salary calculations for both Israeli and foreign employees, and also in reporting to the Israeli tax authorities, fulfilling Israeli tax regulations and providing solutions for tax returns in general and tax returns involving real estate investments in particular. I acquired my experience through working at international companies as Deputy Chief Financial Officer, managing an outsourced bookkeeping department and also through freelance work with tax authorities. I am a certified taxation counselor, senior bookkeeper and payroll accountant.  My credo is that every company is a world in its own and that no dream is unfeasible. I believe that the secret of success lies in collaboration and meticulous work.

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